• Workshops curated specially for municipal professionals 
  • All Tuesday workshops including Academy for Excellence in Local Governance Cores and Electives
  • Award winning expo area including Snap sessions on the expo stage
  • A.M. Keynote session featuring Brandon P. Fleming
  • Closing session honoring 
    • Hall of Fame
    • 2024 Banner Cities and Towns
    • Municipal Employee of the Year
    • MML Lifetime Achievement Award
  • MML Main Street Event
  • Closing Block Party 






MML Main Street Event Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the information explaining MML Main Street? 

We have placed information in our own digital and email communications as well as provided a webinar to help explain how the new opportunity works. Communication will continue to be distributed over the following weeks.   

Important Dates  

MML Main Street registration opened – April 3  

Discounted staff day registration opens – May 1-31 

Why isn't there a special municipal rate for the Expo Hall? 

 Any municipality interested in exhibiting is welcome to through the nonprofit/government rate. Our Expo is designed to attract businesses and organizations who want to 1) do business with local government and 2) showcase their solutions to a municipal audience. Our expo prices are market value for a conference of our size for interested businesses and organizations. This price does not include access to the professional development workshops as we want those staffing an expo booth to be available to speak with municipal attendees who stop by.  

We value those who want to showcase their municipality, however the summer conference, itself,  is first and foremost a professional development training event designed for local government officials to connect with municipal colleagues, industry leaders and experts to gather information on best practices via 53 dynamic sessions. We have focused our efforts on ensuring municipal officials are able to attend the sessions curated with their unique needs in mind.  


 What happened to the Municipal Main Street rate of $300?  

 The traditional Municipal Main Street cost was not sustainable. $300 allowed two people to switch off attending three days of workshops and lunches, which did not cover the growing costs of the conference. It also required Municipal Main Street exhibitors to pay additional if they wanted to attend the event's receptions. The current cost of $500 provides coverage for the space and table rental as well as two staff members to attend the full day of events inclusive of all meals.  

 For years Municipal Main Street exhibitors were allowed the opportunity to exhibit, which took away their time to engage with the professional development activities.  The new Main Street structure allows staff to go to workshops that have been curated with the municipal professional in mind, while still giving an exclusive opportunity for those who want to have the light shone on their municipality via the Main Street event. This is a high-level of exposure meant to celebrate our municipalities.  

 What is the League doing to make attending the conference more affordable for municipal members?  

 This year's early bird registration prices were the lowest since 2017. By creating the MML Main Street event and a heavily discounted rate for Municipal Tuesday, we are offering more ways for municipal officials to attend at a cost-effective rate. Exhibiting on MML Main Street allows both showcasing of the city/town and taking advantage of the day's sessions – a true full circle experience.   

By restructuring costs to distinguish between a conference participant vs. an expo hall exhibitor, we are able to offer municipal staff the opportunity to attend for a full day at the rate of $150. Registration for this discounted rate will open May 1.

Why is the MML Main Street Event only an hour?  

 It's YOUR hour. There is nothing competing with this hour and all attendees are able to focus on visiting these special exhibitors. It's a high-level of exposure and allows us to showcase the municipalities and what they have to offer. We are focused on providing quality time with all exhibitors this year and believe that this special event is the perfect way to generate traffic for those on the new MML Main Street.