MML Compensation Survey Informational Webinar

For 14 years now, MML has partnered with TechnologyNet, a Utah-based company providing “real time,” web-based compensation data to public sector subscribers. TechNet currently serves more than 1,000 local governments in in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Virginia and here in Maryland and will be delivering a webinar on Thursday, August 31 demonstrating system capabilities for municipalities interested in learning more. The TechNet system includes:

  • Reporting, sharing and comparing of wages and salaries for fulltime, part-time, temporary and seasonal positions
  • Reporting, sharing and comparing of benefit practices, including health, dental, life, disability, retirement, supplemental retirement and all other employer paid benefits
  • Reporting, sharing and comparing of current and best practices impacting compensation including paid leave, holidays, and dozens of allowances & practices.
  • The ability to select which governments you want to compare against with unlimited report generation, 24/7.
  • Easy updating methods to keep information current.
  • Data monitoring features and automatically notifies users when data is over a year old.

The cost to participate is $40-80 per year for most Maryland municipalities and allows for multiple logins and passwords for shared access with staff members. 

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Delegates Wilson and Wilkins Highlight MML’s Inaugural Symposium; Deep Dive on Cannabis Legalization

(August 11, 2023) Annapolis, Md. The Maryland Municipal League (MML), which represents 157 cities and towns, two special taxing districts in Maryland, launched its inaugural Symposium Thursday, August 10. The first in a series of deep dives into emerging municipal issues, yesterday’s speakers tackled the recent legalization of cannabis.  

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MML Recognizes Ryan Spiegel and Kumar Barve at Summer Conference

MML Presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Delegate-Designee Ryan Spiegel; Honorary Lifetime Membership Award to Commissioner Kumar Barve

(June 27, 2023) Annapolis, Md. – The Maryland Municipal League (MML), which represents 157 cities and towns and two special taxing districts in Maryland, presented Ryan Spiegel, former MML President and Delegate-designee, with its esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 Summer Conference in Ocean City, Maryland. The League also recognized former Delegate and current PSC Commissioner Kumar Barve as an Honorary Member.

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New MML Board of Directors Announced at Summer Conference

2023-2024 Board of Directors Elected at MML’s Annual Business Meeting

Mayor John Carroll of Galena to Serve as President; Mayor Michael O’Connor of Frederick is President-Elect

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MML Presents City of Laurel and Town of Greensboro with Municipal Achievement Awards

The Maryland Municipal League Presents Municipal Achievement Awards to the Town of Greensboro and City of Laurel

(June 26, 2023) Annapolis, Md. – The Maryland Municipal League (MML), which represents 157 cities and towns and two special taxing districts in Maryland, acknowledged Greensboro and Laurel as the Small Town and Large City winners of its revered Municipal Achievement Award during the Summer Conference.

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MML President Launches Caucus Groups at Summer Conference

The Maryland Municipal League and President Mitchell Announces MML Caucus Groups 

(June 26, 2023) Annapolis, Md. – The Maryland Municipal League (MML), which represents 157 cities and towns and two special taxing districts in Maryland, announced the formation of MML Caucus Groups after a unanimous vote by the MML Board of Directors. Launching caucus groups was a priority for President Denise Mitchell in her 2022-2023 term, modeled on the National League of Cities (NLC) efforts.

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Full Voting Results MML Members-At-Large

Final voting results with tally counts for the 2023-24 MML Board Members-At-Large 

Results & Tally

RESULTS: 2023-24 MML Members At-Large

MMLCON23 Step 1: Download the App

Start connecting and building your schedule. App, app and away!


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Final MML 2023-24 Board Candidates

Below is the sample ballot containing the final list of candidates for the 2023-2024 MML Board of Directors election.

Sample Ballot

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Five From... Advocacy

Courtesy of your MML Advocacy & Public Affairs team, here are five tips to build a solid foundation with your representatives in the Maryland General Assembly:

  1. Talk to your state legislators regularly. Relationships are built in the moments between asks. Easy opportunities include making time to learn about their priorities and inviting them the community events and functions.
  2. Include your legislators on municipal mailing lists so they receive regular city/town updates. This fills the gaps between your interactions, keeping you in their mind.
  3. Offer them the opportunity to see firsthand achievements and challenges in your city or town. With achievements, this creates positive associations and allows them to brag about you. When challenges arise, they’ll be more ready to tell your story having seen the problem themselves.
  4. Learn the cycle of their legislative schedule. Legislative Bond Initiatives can be a lifeline for your city/town. Work on your legislator’s timeline to ensure projects are ready and well supported before the General Assembly begins. The same goes for other legislative requests.
  5. Publicly thank them for their support. Find ways to acknowledge their efforts both in person and in writing – including in items such as an annual report, newsletter, and other publications that go out to citizens and civic leaders.

Bonus tip: If they didn’t support your position, still thank them for consideration of your position. Your legislator may disagree with you on one issue but be a staunch supporter on another. Don’t burn the bridge you invested so much goodwill on.

Congratulations 2023 If I Were Mayor Essay Winners


Our Engagement and Outreach volunteer readers were not daunted by the packets and packets of essays. Among them were 11 bright spots who had dared to tackle the topic of Preserving the Past to Power the Future - specifically, what events, beliefs or traditions they believed made their community/city/town what it is today. Which would they keep and which would they change?

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