MML Supported Transportation Bills Moving in General Assembly

Now that we are more than halfway through the General Assembly session, bills are starting to move. Below are a few transportation-related bills, supported by MML, all of which have already received favorable reports by their respective committees and passed out of their chamber of origin. 

HB 43 - This bill is slightly amended from the version initially introduced and now includes a few additional guardrails. It now allows local governments to designate roads under their jurisdiction as roads on which golf carts may operate, under certain conditions; the road must be 30 MPH or lower and the golf cart must operate only between dawn and dusk unless it has State Highway Administration (SHA) approved lights, drive on the far right of the lane, and contain no more passengers than there are seats. This new authority would allow a new and unique transportation option to local governments.

HB 601 / SB 442 - These bills are slightly amended in the same fashion expanding provisions dealing with exhibition driving, currently applicable only in Worcester County, to apply statewide. As amended the bill defines the examples of "exhibition driving" and prohibits it from occurring on all public roads, with a penalty of points assessed to the driver's license. It also defines a "special event zone" and allows for additional traffic and public safety mechanisms to be implemented in these zones, such as temporary reduced speed limits, additional signage, and additional traffic control measures. 

HB 278 - SHA roads within municipalities are considered "urban highways" and are subject to speed limit requirements. This bill allows SHA to reduce the speed limit on SHA maintained "urban highways" by five MPH, without the need for a traffic impact study. This would allow for a quicker response to local input on a critical safety element of SHA roads passing through municipalities. 

For more information on transportation related legislation, please contact Bill Jorch, [email protected]

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