Municipal Economic Impact Study Released!

Last week, a new report titled "The Economic Significance of Maryland's Municipalities," was unveiled in partnership with Sage Policy Group, a Baltimore-based economic and policy consultancy. The report details how the operation of municipal governments positively impacts the local and State-wide economy to the tune of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic output. The results in this report will be invaluable to solidify the message that Maryland’s municipalities are where people want to work, live, and play.

A few highlights include that Maryland municipal governments:

- Produce over $5.2 billion in economic output

- Support over 42,000 jobs

- Oversee hubs of tourism, 7 out of 10 "Best Places to Visit in MD" according to US News and World Report are in or border a municipality.

As MML continues to evolve, this report represents a movement toward the use of data to tell our members’ stories. Thank you to all those who attended the State of the Municipality event in Annapolis to hear Dr. Basu present the report's findings.

Please take a look at the report and see if there is anything you can use for the benefit of your municipality. Thanks!

Link to the Report

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