Maryland Tough Baltimore Strong coalition

The Maryland Municipal League is proud to be one of the 130 partners to support the Maryland Tough Baltimore Strong coalition. If you know someone impacted by the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, please see the resources available below.

To date, more than 130 partners have joined the alliance, committing more than $15 million and providing other non-monetary support for port workers and to the broader recovery. 

The Maryland Tough Baltimore Strong Fund, established by the Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF) has been the primary resource for alliance members to support port workers, first responders and their families, and impacted Key Bridge communities.   The fund has received support from over 300 contributors. The consistent needs identified by each community include immediate support for basic human needs. This includes the ask for private financial support for workers affected by the port closure, with assistance to cover basic essentials.  

With extensive due diligence, the BCF has established the following partnerships:

•    CASH Campaign of Maryland (CASH) as the signature cash assistance partner. With years of experience in providing direct cash payments, tax preparation and financial planning for low- and moderate-income families in the Baltimore Region and throughout the state, CASH quickly emerged as the right partner with the credibility, infrastructure, experience and flexibility to deliver the cash assistance program at scale. CASH will work closely with City of Refuge in Baltimore City, the Community Assistance Network in Baltimore County and the Anne Arundel County Community Action Agency to provide support to port workers who apply for assistance through this program.

•    SteadyImpact, a fintech cash assistance company, to collaborate with CASH to offer an online application in English and Spanish, in addition to in-person bilingual applications for port workers seeking relief.  Eligible recipients include employees, independent contractors and self-employed people who directly contribute to the Baltimore port economy.

•    Maryland Department of Labor has partnered with CASH to solidify eligibility criteria, verify documentation and avoid unintended duplication.  Eligible workers will receive a one-time $1,000 cash payment as a part of this program.

In addition to financial support, BCF continues to see an active need for food assistance, mental health support, small business support, and documenting the history and collapse of the bridge, among others. Accordingly, the BCF has received and regularly reviewing numerous applications from organizations addressing these needs in surrounding neighborhoods.

You can help by:
•    Sharing  Maryland Tough Baltimore Strong Relief Fund to individuals impacted and who require direct cash assistance.
•    Encourage non-profits or organizations in your network to apply for a grant from the MTBS Key Bridge Fund.
•    Invite your peers to join the MTBS Alliance to support Baltimore’s recovery.

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