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Classified advertisements from cities, towns, counties, and other government agencies will be published on MML’s website at no charge. If you would like to advertise an employment opportunity, Request for Proposal (RFP), or a piece of equipment for sale within the State of Maryland, please e-mail the ad copy to classifieds, in a text only word doc, 200 words or less.

Please note: Postings will appear for a maximum of three months. Announcements still open after three months may be re-submitted to MML for posting. Classifieds are updated on Friday afternoons.

Advertising space is also available in MML’s Municipal Maryland magazine. This magazine is published six times annually with a circulation of 2,100. Contact Patty Baltazar at (301) 836-1516 x2 or for more magazine and marketing information. Send items to be posted on the classifieds page to

For easier viewing, items below may be sorted by job title, posting date, and closing date. Please use the Sorted By menu on the right-hand side of the screen above Categories.