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MVP Volunteer Form - Summer Conference 2022

  1. We need MVPs!
    Would you be willing to contribute a few hours during the summer conference to help with registration, or monitoring a general session or workshop? If so, sign up for MML’s MVP Volunteer Program and become an MVP Volunteer! (You don’t have to be a municipal official to volunteer, but you do need to be registered).
  2. We need help with registration on Sunday and Monday. If you can assist for an hour or two, let us know.
  3. We also need monitors for conference sessions and to manage traffic flow.

    Most session evaluations and handouts will again be electronic and located on the mobile app.

  4. Please complete the form below by May 1. You will be recognized at the conference with an MVP Volunteer ribbon.
  5. Please note: You must be a conference registrant to volunteer.
  6. Assignments will be emailed in early June.
  7. Sunday, June 12 - I can help with:
  8. Monday, June 13 - I can help with:
  9. Tuesday, June 14 - I can help with:
  10. Wednesday, June 15 - I can help with:
  11. Elections Committee

    Would you like to serve on the Elections Committee? This Committee is charged with:

    • Credential voters for the Board election
    • Distribute ballots and voting cards for the Board election
    • Approve proxies at the business meeting
    • Oversee the overall election process, including vote count

    Contact Bill Jorch for more details. Members will be chosen by MML President Jake Day.  

  12. Thank you!
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