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Essay Contest

  1. 2022 Essay Contest Semifinalist Parent Contact Form

    Semifinalist form for parents to submit their email address.

New Member Info

  1. Election Results Form

    This is the form for clerks to use when submitting their municipality's election results.

  2. Member Profile Survey
  1. First Time Attendee Follow-Up

    Used to identify key markers for those attending their first MML training

Summer Conference

  1. Banner City/Town Program Online Submission Form 2021-22

    The MML Banner City/Town Program bestows formal recognition each year to cities and towns that have demonstrated an outstanding... More…

  2. Municipal Officials Training Grant Program Form

    This form is for municipal officials who are eligible to apply for a scholarship to attend MML's summer conference. Your municipality... More…

  3. MVP Volunteer Form - Summer Conference 2022

    We need Volunteers! Would you be willing to contribute a few hours during the summer conference to help with registration, or... More…

  1. Hall of Fame Nomination Form 2022

    Please use this form to nominate municipal officials into the MML Hall of Fame who will have served 20 years by June 20, 2022.

  2. Municipal Showcase - Video Submission Form 2022

    Submit your Municipal Showcase / Parade of flags video here.