Hometown Emergency Preparedness Ad Hoc Committee 2021-2022  


The mission of the Maryland Municipal League (MML) Hometown Emergency Preparedness Ad hoc Committee (HEPAC) is to prepare for and reduce the effects of natural or man-made disasters affecting Maryland’s cities and towns through planning, mitigation, response and recovery.   


Support Maryland’s cities and towns to prepare for and execute municipal responsibilities to help mitigate community risks, save lives, protect property, and recover from emergencies, disasters, and crises. Promote citizen cooperation, outreach and preparedness. Raise awareness among city/town elected and appointed officials. Assist in integrating the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) disciplines. Develop and maintain a central repository of resources/trainings available to Maryland’s municipalities and facilitate agreements for the sharing of those resources.  


  •  HEPAC Members 2022-2023 Board Year
    Chair: Beryl FeinbergCouncilmember, Rockville 
    Vice Chair: Shaneka NicholsCouncilmember, Berlin
    Vice Chair: Robert Ryan Public Service Director, College Park
     Stuart Adams Councilmember, College Park
    Christina CornwellEmergency Services Manager, Laurel
    Lee CornwellDirector Office of Emergency Management, Bowie
    Wayne CreadickCouncilmember, Myersville
    Katrina DodroCouncilmember, New Carrollton
    Joanne Hall-BarrDeputy City Administrator, Laurel
    Dr. Mark Landahl Emergency Manager, Rockville
    Stacy MilorTown Clerk, North Beach
    Marverly Nettles Councilmember, Cheverly 
    David RicePolice Chief, New Carrollton
    Jeffrey SilkaCity Administrator, Cumberland 
    Kevin SimmonsDirector Office of Emergency Management, Annapolis
    Rommell SandinoCouncilmember, Hyattsville
     Wanda Wheatley Commissioner, Cottage City 

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