Cybersecurity Resources

What are Maryland Municipalities doing?

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Websites and Articles

Do you need Cyber Liability Protection? See what the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) has to offer. 

Managing Cyber Threats on a Small Budget?  Check out this article from the National League of Cities (NLC):

Want to make cybersecurity a focus for the new year?  Here's a 21 tips for 2021 white paper from ConvergeOne solutions:

Don't fall prey to user error; create a cyber-secure culture.  Here's an article with five steps to advance your municipality's cybersecurity efforts:

Cybersecurity Is Not (Just) a Tech Problem - This Harvard Business Review article talks about how leaders can create a trusting environment to help prevent cybersecurity issues.

ICMA's 64-page Cybersecurity Report. Check out page 14 for how to put a plan in place for your town.

Washington State has a great Municipal Research Center.  They have a page dedicated to cybersecurity resources for municipalities that's worth checking out.

What does the State of Maryland offer?  Check out the Department of Information Technology's (DoIT) page:

Blogging of Cyber-Security Resources.  The National Cybersecurity Center is a nonprofit for cyber innovation and awareness based in Colorado Springs.  It includes a variety of resources including their blog.