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The Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association, Inc. (MRMCA) and the National (NRMCA) association together provide concrete education and resources to the design and contractor communities and public works officials.

We are your resource for concrete information and design assistance!

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As more design and construction professionals recognize that operating a building over time is far more energy intensive than developing it; the demand for durability and energy performance will increase. Architects, engineers and builders are choosing concrete for its energy efficiency, durability, and recycled ingredients not found in other building materials. Concrete is a responsible building material and a wise choice for sustainable development. Designers are also becoming more familiar with life cycle costs of pavements and realize that concrete’s durability and long service life make it the choice for pavements.

Below are links to resources about concrete buildings and concrete pavements to help you answer the question “I didn’t know you could do that with concrete?”


For nearly half a century, leave-in-place Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) have proven to be a high-performance wall system, offering superior energy efficiency as well as economic, environmental and durability benefits.

Design Assistance for Buildings (FREE)                        

Free concrete project design and technical assistance is available through the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s Design Center. The Design Center can assist you in choosing the right concrete solution for a wide variety of projects, from public safety buildings to schools to multi-family residential/mixed use to industrial and health care facilities.

Design Assistance for Pavements (FREE)

You might be surprised at how innovative concrete paving can be. Your Paving Project Assistance team will walk you through the latest paving technologies step-by-step, including CAD jointing plans.


Concrete is an environmentally friendly building material resulting in many benefits for sustainable development.

Continuing Education

MRMCA is an AIA Registered Provider of Continuing Education. We have programs registered on the following subjects: Resilience – The Ultimate Sustainability, Concrete for Paving, General Concrete Overview, ICF for Schools, Pervious Concrete Pavement and Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Pavements. Other educational topics regarding concrete materials and construction are available upon request.

Contact MRMCA at 301-694-4899 to schedule your next education seminar (in-person or virtual meeting).

Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association


Phone: (301) 694-4899


Description: Information about concrete STREETS. The preferred PAVING material! Benefits include fuel efficiency, lighting, storm water management, urban heat island reduction and lower life cycle costs.



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