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CGI Communications, Inc.


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CGI Communications, Inc. is dedicated to promoting communities and businesses across the country. Our Community Showcase Video Program has helped over 3,000 municipalities tell their story through the power of video while showcasing the impact businesses have on their community. This powerful synergy is a crucial element to CGI’s mantra of creativity, growth and inspiration. CGI is dedicated to helping cities welcome new residents and visitors, recruit new business and increase civic pride.

CGI highlights the assets and attributes of municipalities through a series of custom videos. The videos feature topics on economic development, education, real estate and relocation, and quality of place to more timely pieces on resiliency, healthcare and diversity. The finished content is placed on your community’s official website and social media outlets to provide your town with a high quality promotional tool.

The best part about this program is that it is offered at NO-COST! Learn more about this initiative by visiting our official website, , or call us to get involved today.


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