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AccuFund Accounting Suite – Software Solution

Improve the financial management of your municipality, city, town or local government entity with AccuFund Accounting Suite. Add to the core, AccuFund’s government-specific modules such as Utility Billing, Fees, Taxes and Licenses, Work Orders, Building Permits and Inspections and Court Fines help streamline processes, improve financial reporting and save time. AccuFund’s solutions are available online or onsite.

Your local AccuFund Business Partners include EMK Inc. and Inventive Software Systems, LLC. Software consulting firms providing nonprofit and government agencies with the strategies and solutions needed to meet their operational and reporting needs. As AccuFund resellers, we install financial management software and provide ongoing support to government, endowments, representative payees and nonprofit organizations.

We have been providing fund accounting software to a wide range of government and nonprofit organizations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and other Mid-Atlantic regions, for more than twenty years.

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