Summer Conference Workshops 2018

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Sunday, June 10:

Structure of Municipal Government: Structure of Government (PDF) 
Hot Button Legal Issues: Cannabis (PDF); Harassment Policy (PDF); Lightning Round (PDF); Free Speech (PDF)
Keeping Volunteers Engaged: Keeping Volunteers Engaged (PDF)

Monday, June 11:

Consensus and Team Building: Difficult Conversations (PDF); Resource Sheet (PDF)
Effective Records Management:Document Retention (PDF); Presentation 1 (PDF); Presentation 2 (PDF)
Waste Reduction Solutions: Waste Reduction Solutions (PPT); SMC Info Sheet (PDF) 
                                                    Video of Waste Reduction Solutions Session
2020 U.S. Census: Census Bureau Presentation (PDF); Census-MD State Data Courtr (PDF)
Good Internal Controls: Internal Controls PPT (PDF)
Building a Multi-Cultural Organization: Dismantling Bias (PDF) 
Combating Opioids - Best Practices: DART (PDF); OOCC (PDF); Twin Beach (PDF); COAT (PDF)
Open Meetings: Powerpoint (PPT); Closing Statement (PDF); Compliance Checklist (PDF); New Training (PDF); FAQ (PDF)
Police Body Worn Camera Update:  Full Workshop Video

Tuesday, June 12:

Municipal Elections Issues: Poll Watchers Certificate (PDF); Absentee Ballot (PDF); Elections (PDF)
Recruiting Next Generation of Staffers: Recruiting (PDF)
Engaging Millennials (Breakout): Thornhill PPT (PDF) 
Winning Municipalities of Tomorrow (Keynote): Thornhill PPT (PDF)
Sustainability According to Twain: Sustainability (PDF) 
Public Information Act: Public Access Ombudsman (PDF); Ombudsman Basics (PDF); Presentation (PDF)
Cabinet Secretaries Round table: Handout (PDF)

Wednesday, June 13: 

Civil Unrest: Civil Unrest - Simmons