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What is a HEAL City or Town?

A municipality that articulates a framework or vision to use local policies to create a community where all people can make healthy choices to eat nutritious food and be physically active.

What is the Inaugural Class of HEAL Cities & Towns?

The first 15 municipalities to adopt Resolutions committing to use local policies to create healthy communities or adopt new policies that promote active transportation, land use and planning for physical activity, access to affordable, nutritious foods, or municipal workplace wellness.

How do I become a HEAL City or Town?

Joining HEAL Cities & Towns is free and easy! HEAL Cities & Towns staff assists in drafting a resolution, which articulates your municipality’s commitment to putting healthy choices within reach of all residents and outlines your policy goals. View a sample resolution.

Once your municipality adopts the resolution, you formally become a member of the Campaign, and have access to our free support and training, helping turn your policy goals into reality.

Alternatively, if your municipality is ready to adopt a policy that promotes physical activity or healthy eating, Contact HEAL Staff to become a HEAL City or Town.