Municipal Attorneys Association

Welcome to the Maryland Municipal Attorneys' Association!

The Maryland Municipal Attorneys' Association (MMAA) is an affiliate department of the Maryland Municipal League. The MMAA is a forum for attorneys representing municipalities - who may often find themselves responding to new issues, where their municipal clients require an answer in a very short amount of time. We thus seek to provide a way to meet and share ideas as well as provide information on legal issues affecting municipalities.

One way we try to encourage collaboration and sharing ideas is by making connections with other MMAA members possible; the page giving the membership list has a listing that includes addresses. And while we did not include member emails or phone numbers on these lists, that contact information is available on request for any MMAA member, with a simple click on that same membership list page.

MMAA sponsors educational programs on state and federal legislation, court decisions, administrative rulings, and other subjects of concern to municipal attorneys. Members receive the "Maryland Municipal Attorneys' Quarterly Newsletter" which alerts municipal attorneys about developments in case law, attorney general opinions, legislation, and other topics of interest.

This website includes pages on our current officers, bylaws, the newsletter (which will include past newsletters), information on past meetings, and as noted above, a listing of current members. In addition, a page includes a listing of attorneys designated by each municipality in Maryland as their Town or City Attorney, as well as a listing of the municipalities each attorney serves or represents.

If you're a municipal attorney in Maryland who hasn't joined us, or a current MMAA member with a suggestion or idea for our website, we look forward to hearing from you! Contact website manager.

To join, we need only your name, contact information (address, phone, cellphone, email) and identification of the municipality you represent. Your membership is then presented to MMAA members at the next upcoming meeting.