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Current MMAA Bylaws
The MMAA's Bylaws were first approved in 1992, and last updated in 2012 (after which they were in January 2013 approved by the MML Board of Directors).  Below is the link for the current MMAA bylaws.

Current Bylaws

Amendments to these Bylaws were proposed and sent to all members in March 2017, in accordance with Article VI of the Bylaws. The changes included typographical corrections, clarifying that all officers, the MML Board and Legislative Committee representative were all executive committee members and could be replaced in the event of a vacancy, and clarifying that MMAA membership is open to all attorneys providing legal services to municipalities, whether town or city staff, or members or associates of a firm.

At the May 4, 2017 meeting, members unanimously approved the changes, which will be provided to the MML Board of Directors for their consideration and, hopefully, final approval.  Click here for the updated Bylaws