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2016 Convention Pre-Workshop Ideas Page
The Maryland Municipal League encourages 2016 Convention attendees to review the issues and concepts underlying some of this year's Convention workshops. Doing so will allow you to arrive at the session better prepared to digest training materials and discussion, ask better questions, and enhance your overall learning experience.

This year MML is providing Pre-Workshop materials for the following classes:

Consensus & Team Building (Sun., June 26, 2:30-5:30)

Getting Youth Involved in Public Service (Sun., June 26, 2:45-4:00)

Strategies for Downtown Revitalization (Mon., June 27, 1:30-3:00)

The Cost of Unmanaged Conflict: Sanford, the Untold Story (Tues., June 28, 2:30-4:00)

Public Information Act (Tues., June 28, 2:30-4:30)

Open Meetings Act (Wed., June 29, 9:00-11:00)