2021 Mayors Essay Contest

Jpeg of 2021 Essay Contest questions and theme

Submission Guidelines

We are pleased that you and your students remain interested in participating in MML’s essay contest. It’s an easy and fun activity to help students understand the government closest to the people. Each year we receive thousands of entries. Unfortunately, some essays are disqualified because instructions and rules were not followed. Please read the list below, to familiarize yourself with how to enter:

 • Complete the digital essay form entirely 

• Each teacher must submit a digital entry form. No group forms or multiple teachers per form.

 • You will receive access to a shareable Dropbox folder specific to your school’s Maryland Municipal League District 

• All essays must be combined into a single file 

• Number each essay at top of page • Word documents or PDF files only 

• Handwritten essays may be scanned or sent via jpeg, as long as the scan/photo are combined into a single PDF file 

• Name the combined essay file in the following manner o School Name(dot)Teacher’s Last Name(dot)Number of Essays within file o EXAMPLE: FarmElementary.Mason.25 

• Upload file into Dropbox Folder (Access to the Dropbox folder provided ONLY after you have submitted digital entry form)

All essay submissions due by March 30, 2020 by midnight. However, digital entry forms must be turned in by noon on March 30 in order to receive the Dropbox link necessary to submit your students essays.