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From: Peter Baynes <>
Date: April 6, 2020 at 09:10:15 EDT
To: Peter Baynes <>
Subject: Help NYC

Colleagues –

As you know, New York City is the epicenter of the COVID19 crisis. They have an urgent need for personnel, ventilators and PPE and are asking for our help to spread the word on how fellow local governments, states and individuals from across the country can support New York City.

Please widely share this information on how to help New York City. Visit HelpNowNYC to donate or volunteer and COVID Suppliers for companies looking to sell medical supplies (e.g., gowns, masks, ventilators, face shields).

Thank you for considering this request. I certainly understand that for some of you, medical supplies in your states/municipalities are in very limited supply right now and you may not be able to even consider this request. Either way, thanks to all of you for your efforts to support your local governments in the fight against this borderless killer. And rest assured, New York CIty and all of New York will be there for your municipalities and state in their time of need.


Peter A. Baynes.

NYCOM Executive Director