Summer Conference Workshops 2019

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Strong Towns Keynote by Chuck Marohn (Tuesday, June 25) - Presentation & Follow up Webinar

Sunday, June 23:

Consensus and Team Building (Academy core): Resource Sheet; Difficult Conversations Handout
Municipal-County Collaboration: Frederick City and County PPT

Monday, June 24:

Ethics (Academy core): Ethics course outline; Exploits of the Ethically Challenged (handout)

Village Movement/Aging in Place: Village Movement PPT  
Financial Statements 101:
Opioid Overdose Response Training: Opioid Overdose Response Training    
Complete Count Census: U.S. Census - MD Presentation; MD Census Flyer - Spanish; MD Census Flyer - English; 2020 Census Participation Rates
Conducting Effective Meetings (Academy core): Effective Meetings PPT
Data Security:Cybersecurity Resources; Data Security PPT

Future of Recycling and Zero Waste: Future of Recycling (Miller); Future of Recycling (Scozzafava)  
Community Emergency Response Teams:

Tuesday, June 25:

LED Lighting: LED Lighting - Takoma Park
Becoming a Smart City: Becoming a Smart City  
Procurement Best Practices: Balancing Procurement Goals & Objectives; Procurement Best Practices (Parsons); Procurement Best Practices (DGS); Ocean City Purchasing Policy  
Municipal Grant Making: Enhancing Services Through Mini Grants; Bowie Mini Grants Overview; Building Mini Grant Questions; Bowie Education Committee Grant Application; La Plata Grants Program article (2016); La Plata Beautification Grant Application
How to Receive Surplus Property from the State: Surplus Property DGS

Employment Issues (Academy core): Employment Issues PPT

Wednesday, June 26:

Planning for Town Events:  
Municipal Budgeting (Academy core): Municipal Budgeting PPT; Municipal Budgeting Handout
Funding Infrastructure Through Capital Grants: Capital Grants (DGS)   
Bridging the Gap: How Rules, Values, Perspectives Drive Governance: Bridging the Gap (The Novak Consulting Group)