Go Purple

Purple Logo MML Small

Going Purple is an initiative of The Herren Project - a substance abuse prevention program designed to empower youth and the community to embrace a message of making healthy life choices. 

President Bridget Donnell Newton and the Maryland Municipal League are asking member municipalities to use this Municipal Government Works Month to join the Go Purple movement.

Throughout November, please uplift services, resources or programs offered by your municipality or within the surrounding community that help prevent substance abuse and alleviates the opioid crisis.

Then, to signal your support, turn your city/town purple.

Best ways to Go Purple
  • Temporarily color the Town seal or logo purple
  • Have staff and elected officials wear purple pins or ribbons
  • Get purple badges made for law enforcement officers
  • Bathe the town hall and other municipal facilities in purple lighting at night
  • Recruit local businesses within the town to adopt the purple lighting for the month
  • Pick a day where all municipal staff and elected officials wear purple (we suggest MGW Wednesdays)
  • Pass a resolution declaring November 2018 Go Purple month
  • Save the Date November 13: Chris Herren, Founder of The Herren Project and the Go Purple movement, will be speaking at Kent Island High School 7 p.m. 
Tips to highlight resources
  • Advertise the statewide “211” hotline number on your municipal website
  • Offer a training on using Narcan (Naloxone)
  • Use town's message board and social media to post statistics on opioid and other substance abuse related deaths
  • Use local access channel to promote prevention and addiction counseling services

On MGW Wednesdays (November 7, 14 and 28) check in on Twitter and Facebook and share posts and pics of how you’re participating. Be sure to use #MGWWednesday, #GoPurpleMML and @mdmunicipal (Twitter) or /mdmunicipalleague (Facebook).