2018 Legislative Priorities

The following three issues were adopted by the MML membership as 2018 legislative priorities:

Highway User Revenues

Permanently restore municipal highway user revenues (HURs), not only to meet current road maintenance needs, but more importantly, to provide a long-term, stable funding source for municipal transportation projects.

1.5 million Marylanders live in our 157 incorporated cities and towns. Municipalities provide essential, quality of life services such as water and sewer, police protection, trash removal, recycling, road maintenance, snow removal, parks and recreation, and streetlights.

Under Maryland’s Smart Growth laws, all municipalities are considered Priority Funding Areas (PFAs), which means they must have transportation infrastructure in place to support future growth in the State.

Municipal roads are among the oldest, and most heavily traveled roads in the State. These roads and bridges not only serve municipal residents, but are used by ALL residents of the State to access places of employment and important services and facilities in cities and towns.

Municipal HURs were first reduced by 96% in 2009 when the monies were used to backfill the State’s budget shortfall during the economic downturn. Since that time, municipalities have lost over $365 million with no plans for repayment. 

Public Information Act

MML will work with stakeholders to provide clear authority to deny MPIA requests which would require the release of email addresses and phone numbers provided by residents to allow them to receive emergency alerts and city/town newsletters.

Cell Tower Siting

MML will work to protect the authority of a municipality to assert local control over the siting and installation of small cellular towers and antennas and to impose a fee for permit review and rental of space in a municipal right-of-way.